Sunday, May 1, 2016

9 April Burgos - Hornillos

Slept pretty good but I woke up early.  I've trying to drain the blister on my toe once or twice a day, apply antibiotic cream then wrap it up.  It isn't getting worse.  We had a nice breakfast with Marie Noelle's helper though she speaks no English and little Spanish.  In addition to the usual we had some persimmon jam she had made.  Feeling very good as we leave Burgos, the best so far.  Ready to walk to Hornillos though I'd like to get to Hontanas which would be an additional 6 miles which just don't think is possible for us.

Arrived around 3:00.  This was a hard day waking.  Our thighs are letting us know they are there.  We checked into the private albergue, Al Alfar.  Took showers and paid 7 euros to have our laundry done.  We went to a little bar a beer and a couple of vino tints.  Nice conversation with the young bartender who has a cousin living in Baltimore - he is a baseball fan - Orioles.  Went back to the albergue and met some good pilgrims today; Andrea, a very tall blonde German woman, 3 Spanish men - didn't get their names- one plays the harmonica.  We ran into an Australian family when we went to another bar looking for dinner.  So we went back to the first bar and the Korean man came in complaining about bedbugs at the last place he stayed.  We had an okay dinner at the bar then back to the albergue and had an enjoyable evening talking with Andrea and the Spaniards.  A Spanish couple came in and I think they are pilgrims walking for a week or so to lose weight.  They carry very small packs and walk pretty quickly with a pair of walking poles.  Bed at 9:30.

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