Sunday, May 1, 2016

8 April 2016. Villa Franca de Monta de Oca - Burgos

Waited for the bus for over an hour.  It was chilly!  While we were waiting Dart passed by.  There is a young Korean man and an older Korean woman also waiting for the bus.  Based on the tape he is wearing, I would guess he is having trouble with his Achilles' tendon.  When we get off the bus they stay on.  They must be busing to Burgos.  When we walk into Burgos we are looking for the Peregrinos de Emaus, an albergue on the list of those recommended on the forum.  It took us a while to find it with help from a couple of old men "Camino Angels" who offered help since I suppose we looked lost.  A French woman (nun?), Marie Noelle, gave us a very warm welcome.  What a great place - clean, modern, only 2 sets of bunks in a room.  They charge 5 euros and provide dinner and breakfast for additional donativo.  There is a French couple here with us, Paul and Monique who have been put in another room.  We had rosary and mass in the chapel.  Then the pilgrims went up to the priest and he laid his hands on our heads one by one gave each of us a blessing.  I love that!  After mass we had a very nice dinner and then a spiritual exchange which was very nice.

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