Sunday, May 1, 2016

6 April 2016. Santo Domingo- Belorado

We had a beautiful, sunny day, blue skies as we left Santo Domingo.  We walked the 4 miles to Granon from Santo Domingo.  We were lucky enough to notice Father Jesus walking by the church so Cullen called out to him and he was as happy to see us as we were to see him.  He walked with us to Bar Teo and bought us coffee.  Alberto was sleeping when we arrived.  We left the bar and walked over to the albergue.  Pedro and 2 other men were there and Cullen was able to find a replacement for the charger he left somewhere.  Next we left for the bakery to leave a bottle of wine forJesus.  While there one of the old guys showed up to buy bread.  Then back to the bar and Alberto was awake so Cullen gave him the bottle of vermouth he bought for him.  Alberto offered to drive us to Burgos and we declined.  Maria kept wanting to give us food!  We stopped by Ernesto's place to say goodbye to him and his wife.  I wish them a lot of success in their albergue.  Headed out for Belorado.  We had a wonderful meal at Restaurant Leon a few miles before Belorado ad were so pooped out afterwards that we took a taxi the rest of the way.  I have bad memories of this place (Quatro Cantones) from 2010, but it has gotten good reviews so we thought we'd try again.  6 beds (3 bunks) in our room.  Me, Cullen, and 3 Spanish men.  I saw the Korean man we were with in Ventosa but I don't think he remembers us.  Also the Italian from Logroño.

Physically I am feeling my worst.  My knees, my back, and now my toe is giving me trouble.  I felt like I had to drain this blister, so I did.  This same toe gave me trouble during our first Camino and I didn't take care of it and it plagued me the last 3 weeks.

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