Sunday, May 1, 2016

10 April 2016 Hornillos - Castrojerez

Didn't sleep well.  Kept getting hot then cold.  These sleeping bags are really warm.  I woke up before the alarm - no surprise.  It seems to take me a long time to get ready.  We didn't want to pay 3 euros for a lousy breakfast so we had a cup of coffee (bad) and left the albergue.  6 miles to Hontanas then had a good breakfast.  Last time we were in this town the sun was shining and everyone was sitting outside.  A bit cloudy and rainy today.  The walk to Hontanas was hard today.  Partly because we hadn't eaten anything so we had a nice breakfast; cafe, tostada, tortilla de espangol and we also bought a bocadillo and kit kat for the road.  Met another Aussie here- Bob from Melbourne.  He was interested in staying at San Anton.  I told him it is very primitive and no electricity but he was still interested.  Hard walk - very windy and some incline.  Ran into the Aussie at San Anton and found it hadn't opened yet so he walked with us the rest of the way to Castrojeriz. We planned to stay at the Albergue Utreia and we stopped there, Bob kept going.  We saw 3 German women including Andrea, plus us so far.  Cullen managed to find the restaurant we ate at last time we were here and it was good.  After lunch we went back to the albergue and I did some stretching and aired out my sleeping bag.  We talked about wanting to do 2 weeks at Grañón again next year and maybe a couple of weeks at Emaus since Marie Noelle gave us her email address and asked us to write her about it.  I think tomorrow we will try to do 20 km to Boadilla instead of 25km to Fromista.  We have a bit of a climb out of here tomorrow but the next day is totally flat, we'll see.

Andrea complained about the cold temperature in the albergue all afternoon but the owner will not turn on the heat until 6, and he made us leave our boots outside (undercover) but it has been raining so we brought them in and put them under our beds.  Well the lack of heat in this place has been cancelled out by the ancient wine cellar underneath the building.  The owner has restored (non-working) the wine production apparatus, told us some history of the town.  Tunnels all the way to the castle?  Maybe.  Cullen interpreted the info to English since there are several English speakers.  There are archaeological studies being started.  Castrojerez comes through again with a Camino moment!  Lights out at 930.  The women with the carts both sound like they have pneumonia- coughing and snoring all night long!

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